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Surveys and Reports

Can a Public Information Campaign Restore Trust in American Elections? 
In the wake of unsubstantiated fraud claims following the 2020 presidential contest, election officials across the country have worked to explain to the public the protections that safeguard the integrity of elections in order to restore faith in democracy.  Many officials have created informational videos that take different approaches to increasing trust in elections.  Are these videos effective when the public watches them? Through a series of survey experiments, we provide rigorous evidence that informational videos from election officials are effective at increasing trust in elections, and that trust increased for Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike.

The Yankelovich Survey - After the 2022 Midterms, Do Americans Trust Elections?
Democrats and independents say they have greater confidence in the system’s accuracy and integrity than they did before the election was held, but Republican confidence did not increase. Real-world remedies hold promise for restoring trust in elections. 

The Yankelovich Survey – Looking Ahead to November How Will Reproductive Rights, Crime Rates and Top Two Dynamics Shape California’s General Election?
Reproductive rights, crime rates and concerns over a war with Russia are among the issues likely to affect voter engagement in California’s November general election, according to the latest Yankelovich Survey.

The Yankelovich Survey – Reforming The Recall? California Voters’ Perspectives On The Process
In the wake of the 2021 gubernatorial recall election, California voters say they would favor changes in the recall process, a Yankelovich Survey found. Forty percent of the state’s registered voters believe the recall process needs major reforms, compared with 34% of likely voters in 2003. The survey also found that the election was unrepresentative of the state’s electorate. Yankelovich Center Co-Director Thad Kousser was invited to present the survey findings and testify about recall reform to the California State Assembly and Senate Committees on Elections as well as to the state’s Little Hoover Commission. 

Report – How Americans work: Using in-depth interviewing to rethink data infrastructure
A study on how deep, qualitative interviewing and ethnography can be used to improve our public data infrastructure.

Report – Pathways to STEM Careers: Strategies for employment from high school degree to Ph.D.
Employment options for those pursuing STEM careers.

Report – Financing higher educational opportunity: Investments, endowments, and access
Experts convene to discuss university endowments and access to higher education.

Report – Democratic Investments: Tax initiatives, public goods, and democratic participation
A study growing out of a conference on California’s public finance policies.

Report – Immigrant integration and gateways for growth: Comparative perspectives
Experts examine the nature of many immigrant populations and discuss strategies for successful integration.

Report — The educational value of alumni for public high schools 
A multi-site study of efforts to increase alumni engagement in San Diego County high schools.