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Social Science, for the Social Good

The Yankelovich Center is dedicated to connecting UC San Diego with the community to craft practical solutions to our nation’s most pressing social problems.

We support research partnerships and activities that spur public engagement and civic improvements – including addressing racial and ethnic inequities in society and in our democracy.

More About Our MIssion

Democracy's Challenges

The Yankelovich Center talks with top officials from across the nation about the state of our election system.


Center Awards $250,000 in Grants

Newest recipients to research housing, climate change, artificial intelligence and other pressing issues.

  • Six UC San Diego faculty from Economics, Education Studies, and Urban Studies and Planning are among those represented.
  • 17 graduate students receive seed money for promising projects.
  • Initiatives launched by previous recipients have led to significant impacts.

Countering Political Disinformation

The Yankelovich Center teams up with San Diego community groups, others to expand voter education.


Probing the Power of Protest

UC San Diego’s LaGina Gause makes a novel argument in her new book, “The Advantage of Disadvantage.”

More about Gause’s research

Our Founder

Daniel Yankelovich, the public opinion expert once considered the dean of American pollsters, founded the center in 2012. Since 2016, it has also received financial support from UC San Diego.

His Story

Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research