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Yankelovich Center Book Manuscript/Grant Proposal Improvement Grants

The Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research (YSS) provides funding to UC San Diego faculty for the improvement of book manuscripts or grant proposals.

Funds (up to $5000) will be available by July 2020 and are intended to bring experts to UC San Diego to provide feedback and dialogue for faculty who are completing books, or for faculty who are principal investigators on grant proposals expected to obtain grants of $50,000 or more.

Who can apply
Projects may have a single or multiple authors or principal investigators from UC San Diego and may also include researchers at other universities or research institutions.

Proposal length
Proposals describing the goals and significance of the project, and intended invitees (including rationale for each), should be no more than 2 pages, single-spaced, not counting any references or CVs. The goals and significance may relate to contributions to academic literature, but YSS is most interested in supporting work that promises practical benefits, such as improved policies or public understanding.

Criteria on which proposals will be judged

  1. The books or grant proposals should have implications or conclusions that can improve policy or public understanding related to pressing national issues.
  2. Author/principal investigator record of accomplishment and/or future promise.
  3. List of experts to be brought to campus, including rationale for inclusion. (Intended invitees only--there is no expectation that experts will be confirmed as participants in the proposal and changes are allowed.)
  4. Special consideration will be given to authors or principal investigators in early stages of their careers.
  5. Diversity of departmental affiliation will be a consideration in funding proposals. Racial/ethnic minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply

Maximum funding amount


  1. Funds are to be used for airfare, hotel, ground transportation, meals for outside experts, and in some circumstances, honoraria.
  2. Recipients of grants will be responsible for organizing the meeting, which may be closed or public: inviting experts, communicating to them reimbursement procedures (using a center-provided template), finding rooms for meetings, and arranging any meals for the duration of the expert visits.

Yankelovich Center staff will book hotels and manage reimbursements to experts at conclusion of the event, and are available to answer questions regarding budgeting and costs.  

  1. Recipients will provide a 1-page write-up of key ideas from the discussion in the form of conclusions and/or lessons for policymakers. Center staff will post the write-up on the Yankelovich Center website.
  2. Recipients will acknowledge support from the Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research in any final publication(s).
  3. Funds must be spent within two years of the award date.

Submission deadline
May 31, 2020

How to submit
Email your submission as a pdf document to